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Paving Ballarat

Incorporating tiles, pavements or even stonework into your new garden creates a beautiful blend between your hard surfaces and the grass and garden beyond. It also provides relief for patches of grass that see a lot of foot traffic and can help your lawn grow to its full potential.

The classic example of this type of landscape paving is stepping stones or tiles that create a path across the front lawn or from the backdoor to the pool. It’s important to select the appropriate material to match your home’s aesthetic whilst also providing a stable surface that does not absorb water or promote root rot.

If you are looking at building a new outdoor patio or seating area, you’re most likely considering tiles or decking. Both are good options but have different strengths and weaknesses including upkeep and longevity. Tiles are generally lower maintenance than a deck because they do not fade or require new varnish every few years.


Unlike decking, tiles and paved areas do not splinter, get scratched or become waterlogged and are therefore considered a longer-lasting solution. These harder surfaces can leave you with virtually no upkeep and last 20 years or more before refurbishing is required. You may want to consider having them pressure cleaned every few years though as even tiles and concrete collect dirt and stains that need cleaning.

There are several different types to choose from, such as ceramic, porcelain and limestone to name a few. Each has its own benefits in regards to appearance and durability.

If you need a hard surface area around your pool you may be worried about people slipping over on the slick surface and injuring themselves. Luckily there are several types of tiles that come with an anti-slip finish so that even when they are slick with moisture they are easy to walk on without losing traction. Whether you decide on a deck or tiled area for your new landscape design project.

Pro Landscaping Ballarat are available to help you make the right decision for your space and ensure it is installed correctly to last you and your family years into the future.